A Second Touch was created to assist individuals and their families to navigate community resources. Our goal is to listen and implement a person-centered plan to meet the individual’s needs. Sometimes caregivers are forgotten; at a Second Touch we understand providing direct care for a loved one can be challenging. As our goal is to assist the individual, we also strive to provide caregivers with the assistance needed to make sure their loved ones are getting their needs met. In everything, we strive for excellence.

Executive Assistance

Jeanne Pierce

Support Coordination Manager

Marisela Jimenez

Dashane’ Pearson

James-Zaquell Curtis

Amanda Eccleston

Angela Andreoli

Support Coordinators:

  1. Identify the client’s support needs and preferences.
  2. With the person and family, develop the NJ person Centered Planning Tool and NJ individual Service Plan.
  3. Locate options for services that include: traditional disability providers, generic community supports, government supports beyond DDD, and /or natural support based on funds available in the person’s individual budget.
  4. Ongoing monitoring of supports and services.
  5. Responding to emergencies and other service-related needs of the person and/or family.

A Second Touch provides high-level, person-centered care and case management to participants in the following categories

  1. Maintaining a budgetary cushion
  2. Gaining access to needed programs
  3. State plan services
  4. Medical services
  5. Social services
  6. Educational service and opportunities
  7. Accessibility Services
  8. Monitoring of established support and services


We ensure goals are tailored to the individuals needs and that they address his/her preferences and desires.


A Second Touch Support Coordinators are trained as person-centered providers to ensure that your family member receives the support and services needed to live the life he/she wants.

Ongoing Support

Support Coordinators work effectively for the person. They listen and implement services that are requested and are obtainable from the individual.